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Habari gani? Nzuri! Greetings from social work intensive course in Mwanza

Hi! Warmest greetings from Mwanza, Tanzania! I participated in August for a two-week intensive course about globally sustainable social work in this pretty little city of Mwanza - the city of God as the locals say. The intensive course was arranged by North-South-South international program through which there have been exchange programs and intensive courses for students and teachers during the past ten years. The topic of the course was sustainable social work and the comparative point of view between all there countries. Basically, the idea of the course was to join together from different countries to study, learn, discuss and share together ideas about sustainable social work.

In all we had about 30 participants on the intensive course. We had students and teachers from Mozambique, South Africa and the local University of St. Augustine in Tanzania...and then 6 students and 5 teachers from Tampere University and TAMK University of Applied Sciences.

During the two weeks we had lectures, group works, discussions, small essays to write and field visits, but I think that the pictures are the most fascinating way to tell about my intensive experiences!

So, remember to stay open-minded for the world which is full of opportunities...and read carefully your email since you never know what kind of offers and opportunities to apply there can be found ;)


In the classroom at the University of St. Augustine, Mwanza. We had some opening ceremonies where all the participantsfrom Tanzania, Mozambique, South-Africa and Finland were introduced. Social work is the one to unite us all :)

Starting a group work by sharing knowledge. During the intensive course we had some lectures, presentations, group works and discussions considering sustainable social work!

The local office of Head Department of Sociology at the University of St. Augustine :) Not the funding but the knowledge and desire to gain scientific understanding!


Locals on a market. It is usual to sell some local products or to have your own

small business such as small animals, food, handicrafts or jewellery to sell.

A street view from a crowded street in Mwanza city center. Mwanza is the second or third biggest city in Tanzania and according to Wikipedia there have been about 210 000 inhabitants in 2002. Altought the locals tell that it may be even a million living in Mwanza - who knows? :)

The city view from the lake Victoria. This view only